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Engaging content is growing in popularity in the eyes of today’s buyers. It’s a continuous battle to grab the hearts, attention, and minds of these people who are interested in your brand. What’s the key in converting consumers to your brand and keeping your existing customers?

Content marketers understand that the primary ingredient to implement an effective strategy for media content lies in creating content that is relevant to consumers. Consumers are increasingly demanding brands, as is it the duty for brands to show their understanding of what consumers want by meeting those needs.

Always bring your visions to your brands by creating interactive content that informs and entertains and engages your customers by engaging them in activities that enhance the relationship between them and you.

What is Interactive Web Content?

Interactive content attracts viewers by requiring participation beyond reading, watching or listening. To experience the full benefit, the user must take on an active role. In return, they get something of value. Typically, that something is usually, it’s information or entertainment.

As time passes, this process results in greater customer engagement, resulting in a stronger brand-consumer connection.

Interactive content comes in different forms, ranging from polls, quizzes, calculators, and instant pricing quotations. As they interact via the content, users give the brand useful marketing data that can be used to strengthen their relationship to increase sales and build their trust.

The benefits from Interactive Content

Interactive content supplies your customers with more information on your products and services, allowing consumers to be part of the values you’ve chosen to embrace or offers an entertainment aspect that’s been proven profitable for companies.

In contrast to static content that is one-way where all users get the same experience when they read or watch, interactive content offers a two-way communication channel that gives consumers and brands added value.

  • LinkedIn states that brands can achieve up or five times more pages viewed with dynamic content than static. While static content can help users discover more about the brand, interactive content comes with added benefits of helping the brand know about the users.
  • Software company for the enterprise, Upland, affirms that it has doubled conversions by using interactive content.
  • A report published in Inc. cites interactive content as 33 per cent more efficient.

The types of content that are interactive

Customers have become more than happy to supply companies with personal data to get a more customized, enjoyable experience.


Get real-time responses and allow your customers to speak with the Instagram poll. News aggregator FiveThirtyEight uses polls to determine the public’s opinion on major world and local issues.

Tests and Quizzes 

Airbnb provides an engaging but useful quiz to match travelers with destinations. It asks questions like, “What is your preferred attire to a terminal?” Entertaining multiple-choice answers are, “Sweatpants. That’s right.” It’s enjoyable to take the quiz that will give you your persona as a traveler. It will then show you the location, Airbnb options, and activities to enjoy during your stay.

Interactive Infographics

 Information graphics have already become extremely well-known. In addition, by allowing users to find more details by simply clicking, the user is provided with an enhanced, more enjoyable experience. National Geographic produced an infographic of The New York City skyline, which allows viewers to click on the image to see the changes made.

Interactive Calculators

 Show how the product you offer solves customers’ needs by providing results based upon their input. It provides them with the information they require to choose from while also increasing the time spent on your site. Third, Love developed a calculator to assist women in finding the ideal size for their bra.

Interactive eBooks:

 B2B brands can include some sparkle to their informational eBooks by incorporating animations, audio clips, interactive checklists, and more. The finance company, Prophix, has created an eBook that explains the latest developments of artificial Intelligence. Click on Activate to learn more about the book by Penny.

What is the reason Interactive Content is Essential For Your Brand?

At their Gartner Customer 360 Summit, Gartner, the world-renowned research firm, predicted an 85 percent chance that consumers will manage their relationships with brands without interaction with a human. It is the reason why online content becomes essential to your brand’s strategy.

Most consumers are more than happy to interact with brands using technology. Did you find out that 96 percent of people who take BuzzFeed quizzes complete the quiz?

In the present highly competitive marketing market in which users are either ignoring or blocking advertisements, interactive content can be more efficient in attracting customers and provides brands with the chance to gain some reward in return.

  • Brands help create more accurate buyer personas.
  • It’s a powerful method of market research through which you can gain insight into product preferences, pain points, and more.
  • Brands can create leads of high quality.
  • The content further can be customized to the customer’s buying stage.
  • It will help you stand out from the plethora of online content.

Interactive content is becoming an excellent method to distinct from rest. Your content should be practical and inspiring.