Different roles as content writers in India are described in this article. The need for content writers jobs is increasing day by day, making it one of the most profitable careers globally. Since science and technology are developing, sharing ideas and knowledge has expanded. Nowadays, it’s straightforward to interact with people via various social media sites, apps, or even business websites.

Writing content is how we communicate news, messages, or information across the world. As the internet grows and the need for content creators will increase. They’ve been educated in producing relevant and high-quality information to the public. Professional writers specialize in creating relevant written content for websites designed for use on the internet.

Editing and writing content is possible for diverse niches and in the category of digital marketing. These categories include blog posts, videos, podcast scripts, sales copy, articles and podcasts, e-books and text for graphic and social media posts, news releases, white paper, and numerous others. They freelance for businesses, companies and bands, and new companies. It’s a highly competitive field with high incomes, and companies are looking for writers with exceptional skills.

The role and the pay that content authors will earn in 2021 are reviewed in depth.

Content writing roles in 2021

Content writer for SEO 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of enhancing your content to rank more highly in search engines such as Google. Professional SEO writers are focused on the proper use of phrases or keywords through thorough research into their blog posts or articles. The aim is to place their blog or website at the top of Google search results. The websites listed in the initial results can get more visitors and clicks that eventually boost sales and visitors.

SEO content writer salaries:

There are a variety of categories in SEO writers that pay higher than standard SEO writers’ salaries, as the Head of Search Engine Evaluator, SEO Director, and SEO Technical Specialist.

The wages paid to SEO content writers are contingent on their level of expertise and their location. SEO Content writers earn anywhere from Rs10,000 and Rs60,000 monthly in India. However, the salaries in the United States offered between $30,000 to $60,000 per year.

Job obligations

  • Good grasp of the basic writing skills
  • Use the right keywords and phrases to improve your article or blog post.
  • Write engaging, informative and well-organized, grammatically correct and clear-to-read articles
  • Make use of different types of tones to create posts that must draw readers’ attention.
  • Knowledge of the search intent, including transactional, informational, navigational and commercial investigation
  • Blogging:

When the blog was first created, it was more of a personal diary, like writing daily activities. However, it’s now a perfect platform to communicate information and interact with others online. Bloggers can write unique content that connects hundreds of thousands of users every day. Bloggers are people who motivate, educate or inspire the intended audience. Blogs are great for promoting personal or business use or even news that incorporates daily posts, recipes, writings videos, e-books, or any other beneficial content.

The purpose of blogging is to promote projects, businesses, or anything else to earn money. Connecting with relevant people can increase traffic to search engines, and lead-quality leads to the site.



Blogger salary:

Bloggers earn anywhere between $19,500-$80,500 annually in the United States. However, it could be between Rs 250,000 to 606,000 annually in India. The salary is primarily dependent on the level of experience and the location and year of experience. The highest-paying blogger category is a travel fashion blogger, corporate blogger professionals, food bloggers, and lifestyle bloggers.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Create products, content, sponsored content advertising, courses, and other courses.
  • Making, researching and pitching ideas to create posts.
  • Editing, writing, publishing, editing, and advertising content.
  • Growing site traffic through the use of keywords for Search engine optimization keywords.
  • Engaging with the audience, you want to reach

  1. Copywriter

Copywriters write relevant and current material for marketing, advertising, and business. Copywriting is invariably connected to writing compelling information that inspires people to take action. Thus, creating the copy to trigger a conscious decision. The advantage of working as a copywriter is that you can be employed by both big and small businesses without formal education or formal training and make six figures.

Copywriter’s salary:

A copywriter with less than one year of experience could earn Rs299375. However, a professional copywriter with 10-19 years of experience can reach as high as Rs600,000 in India. However, the wages in the United States range from $41,541 to $60,258 based upon their expertise.

A successful copywriter needs outstanding writing abilities and also be creative. However, the skills in marketing and advertising are associated with higher pay more than the typical.

Responsibilities of the job:

  • Write copy for different media, including social video, print and even online.
  • Create an original copy, edit and proofread it to ensure that the highest editorial standards are adhered to in all of the material
  • Maintain brand consistency across all corporate communications
  • Work with team members, managers and the creative team from idea development to the release to the client of final products.
  • Establish and implement guidelines for branding

  1. Technical writers

The technical writer job is the highest-paying job in content writing; due to technological advancements and electronic technology growth, the demand for technical communication skills increases. Technical writers present detailed information in the most straightforward way to the reader. 

Technical writers’ salaries

The salaries of technical writers are based on the level of expertise and skill in the relevant areas. As the field develops and the skill sets in high demand alter according to the changes. The salary also varies based on experience, qualifications, locations, and type of work.

The salaries of technical writers start from INR 2.77 lakhs per annum up to INR 13.8 lakh per year. But, in the United States, the amount of money earned can vary between $45K per year up to 102 K annually.

Job Responsibilities

  • Create high-quality, detailed documentation that meets the standards of the organization.
  • Communicate with developers and designers to better understand the products and services.
  • Transform the complex information about products into accessible, subtle, and compelling material
  • Find out feedback and gather information from designers, clients as well as businesses
  • Review current content and come up with new ideas to develop

  1. Email marketing writer

A specialist in email marketing creates unique and captivating content employed in emails and marketing applications to convey persuasive messages. An email writer comprehends marketing concepts and collaborates in teams to develop strategies and tactics to engage prospective and existing customers. They are experts in digital marketing, focusing on building email lists, writing emails, and managing leads with written messages.

Email marketing writer salary

The job titles related to Email marketing professionals include Email Marketing Manager, Digital Content Writer (Email), and Lead Email Content Marketing.

The pay of an email marketer begins at the amount of Rs. 2,09,905 annually in India. But, the wages in the United States range from $20,500$ to 86500.

Job obligations

  • Monitor and design a range of marketing emails
  • Distribute and distribute information, via mail, to the people
  • Enhancing the layout and design of emails to make them more user-friendly and mobile-friendly
  • Monitoring the results of campaigns and following up on emails
  • Securing email databases for future campaigns
  • Creating digital ads

  1. Writer of social media-related content

A content writer for social media writes content for the target audience on various social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Social media is an integral component of marketing activities for businesses. An excellent social media writing skills are essential for brand recognition and lead generation or retention of customers. Many small and medium-sized enterprises can reap a considerable ROI with the proper social media writing and strategy.

Social media channels are simple and don’t require formal language in communicating information. Therefore, the author can easily use the tone of the conversation and share it with the audience you want to reach.

Social Media Content Writer Salary

Social media writers based on experience and workplace of work. The salary ranges between $12,500 and $89500 annually in the United States. In contrast, in India, the pay ranges from 2.2 lakh to 11.9 lakh annually, with an average annual income of 4.6 lakhs based on experiences.

Job obligation

  • Social media sites allow interaction.
  • Create engaging and compelling web content in an immediate context that stimulates users to engage in discussion, interaction, and even engagement
  • Ideas and innovative content on viral marketing on social media
  • Know SEO, the use of keywords and other phrases,
  • The use of tools to control and monitor social media activity and improve communication, content, etc.

  1. Creative writer

The art of creative writing can be defined as any writing that encompasses a variety of styles and genres. It differs from technical as well as academic. Creative writing is based on character development narrative, story imagination, and plot. Creative writers utilize their feelings and senses to create a powerful visual in the reader’s mind. They create scripts, books, essays, and other types of writing, both long and short-form, that appeals to a range of different readers. Examples of creative writing include novels, stories, poetry, plays, TV shows, movies, songs, etc.

Creative writers salary

The annual salary of creative writers is determined by their ability level, location and experience. The average salary starts at $19,500 and goes from $91,000 to $91,000 per year across all United States.

The typical cost of a writer with a passion for content in India starts at $325,000 to around Rs 450,000 annually. The most experienced writer earns up to 1,473,000 per year.

Job accountability

  • Create new content for nonfiction, fiction short stories, novels or biography, article and critical analysis, descriptive or analytical or even essays.
  • Critical thinking and reading abilities
  • Create books or write content for journals, magazines, newsletters, blogs, or magazines
  • Create motion-picture content or radio, television and radio, based on original ideas or adapted from fiction or historical sources
  • Creates fun material for performances or publications, such as comedy or show scripts

The skills needed to be a successful Content writer.

Writing well is required to register consistent, transparent, and appropriate content that convinces your audience’s intended audience. With the aid of specific skills, they can write, edit, and create professional content to promote a brand’s image.

The most critical skills writers need for a job that pays well are described below.

 Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is an essential factor in ensuring that your article appears at the top of search results and is easy to locate. By using appropriate keywords and utilizing various methods, a content writer can make sure that the content ranks high in the search engine results. It is crucial to develop SEO-friendly keywords to bring your business’s message to the customers.


Content writers should adjust the style and tone to suit each assignment. This is all dependent on the goal of the content. For instance, if the objective of writing is to promote marketing, then it will differ from a research blog for scientific purposes. Being able to adapt allows writers to study various writing styles, which ultimately adds value.

Research skills

Research skills are vital to content writing. Good research skills in writing increase the credibility of the content while providing immense value for the readers. Utilizing correct and reliable information from various sources can improve articles’ overall quality and quality. Furthermore, it provides readers with accurate and reliable information, which is the most effective method to ensure the integrity of your writing.

Communication skills

Communication skills aid in effectively communicating the message to your target audience. Sharing your ideas with the reader is essential to ensure that your marketing strategies are successful. Using appropriate communication techniques is crucial if you’re writing for your customer or a sales pitch.


The first draft will never turn out as flawless. Editing skills are vital to increasing the value and the quality of your content and minimizing spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. Editing requires patience as well as a sense of detail. Sometimes it takes longer to write than edit.

How long does the process take for becoming a freelancer?

Becoming a freelance writer is a process that involves two different ways.

The initial process is somewhat technical and is about creating an online blog.

The second method is more imaginative. It is about creating blogs and then creating and disseminating content.

The amount of time it takes to be a blogger differs from one person to another. Creating a successful blog is mainly determined by thinking creatively and motivating yourself and motivation, which can vary dramatically from person to person.


The demand for content writer jobs is exceptionally high because every company is marketing its services via social media. A good level of content writing is crucial to getting a lucrative career. It is essential to write top-quality content using proper SEO optimization to improve the marketing for the item. There are a variety of writers in need in 2021. They can earn good pay. To be successful as an author, it is necessary to acquire the right abilities and create engaging content and generate revenue for the business.

Hope this article has given some insight into content writing jobs and their salaries in 2021.